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Over 20,000 students have enrolled in New Concept Mandarin courses. Why not join them today?

This is a course which really cares about how students want to learn Chinese.

  • It doesn’t assume any prior knowledge of the Chinese language. All new vocabulary is explained as it is introduced, and then basically it’s just a gradual process of integrating new words and phrases into situations you are already familiar with.
  • Previously learnt material is regularly revised and built upon so that you can actually retain it. 
  • This course does not assume you are an expert in linguistic terminology.
  • It is for serious Chinese learners but teacher Julia uses an easy-to-follow and enjoyable approach to teach, such as stories, sound associations and other fun tricks.
  • Each video lesson comes with review activities including vocabulary, dialogue and test to help you to consolidate what you have learned.

If you are not sure whether this course suits you or not, I suggest you go and watch our PREVIEW VIDEO to get a sense of how you are going to learn with us. If this is how you want to learn Chinese, then click ENROLL to get started!

Expected Outcomes

  1. Yes, you will learn Chinese communication skills, but more importantly, Julia will show you a better way to learn Chinese.
  2. In the first lesson, you will learn how to say and write Chinese numbers from 0 to 9 in just 10 minutes. Julia will give you great ideas to help you remember these numbers. 六(6) is a six-year-old boy named Leo who likes dancing. 九(9) is a drunk person named Joe kneeling on the ground.
  3. This video course teaches Survival Mandarin conversational communication skills。
  4. Upon completing New Concept Mandarin Survival level 1, you will master 425 common phrases, 60 useful sentence structures and 30 practical dialogues.