NLP Communication Mastery

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Course Description

Do you talk to people? Do you want to be heard and get your point across effectively? Do you want to positively influence your children, family, colleagues or clients?

Then this is the course you need.

What people are saying:

  • “This is the best course on Udemy. I'm really glad for having purchased it, it's absolute gold.”

  • “Clear speaker, relatable.”

  • “The course has proper PPT to demonstrate the content which is others course has less. The proper example also shared. These help me to understand the concept easier. This course is also good for HR who will coach your team/employees to have a conversation in difficult sensitive feedback”

  • “An excellent, cost and time efficient course that would be truly valuable to anyone but especially for staff of a small business or young people about to enter the work force. It gives usable tips and techniques to help the participant understand what is going on in a relationship, and how to take responsibility for successful communication.”

At its core NLP is a communication model. If you don’t understand and master this element of NLP you’ll never really be able to use NLP in other contexts; relationships, family, business, therapy, coaching, etc. Communication is key to everything. And this course teaches you exactly what you need, to master communication.

In this course, you’ll learn practical, easy to apply techniques for creating amazing and insightful day to day interactions with everyone you meet. You’ll become more aware of your own communication styles, and learn how to detect and relate to the communication styles of the other people.

Becoming a Communication Master through using the skills you'll learn on this course means that you will become more self aware and more influential at work, at home or in any context you choose to apply these techniques.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone wanting to communicate better in any context
  • People wanting to effectively deal with conflict
  • Business leaders and managers
  • Teachers and parents
  • Anyone wanting to create or improve relationships
  • People who want to be more influential

Course content

6 sections • 32 lectures • 4h 15m total length
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  • Analysis