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Welcome to the 1st part of the series of Non-Duality: A Pathway to Enlightenment – “The Realization of God”!

Enlightenment historically has been a very rare occurrence.  It required devoting one’s life, sometimes exclusively, to the spiritual path. Now, that the consciousness of the planet is rising, more and more information is available making enlightenment more accessible to those willing to walk the path.

Everyone is on their unique spiritual journey.  There is no one-size-fits-all way, however, the more tools we have at our disposal, it can be easier to navigate the pitfalls, and overcome the blocks toward awakening.

The non-dual path, historically named Advaita Vedanta, is a path of eliminating schisms, or splits of consciousness, thus realizing the oneness of all things.  This course is Not a history lesson, however, or an academic lesson, but rather a translation of that which has been realized experientially through knowledge from many different sources.

Seriously choosing the path of enlightenment is actually pretty rare.   David R. Hawkins, who devoted his life to teaching enlightenment, said “The desire to reach Enlightenment is already a Divine gift to be treasured and revered.”  also he said:  “One can also be grateful that they have heard of Enlightenment and have chosen to seek it, for such individuals are extremely rare indeed. As reported in prior works, statistically the likelihood of a person’s choosing Enlightenment as a major purpose of one’s life is one in ten million persons.” 

The ancient Sanskrit mantra “Om Mani Padme Hum” translates to “The Jewel is in the Seat of the Lotus”, the inferential meaning is that “Enlightenment Comes from Within”.    This is very true but with this realization also comes with the truth that self-examination and even confrontation with inner beliefs is necessary at times.

This course is for a certain kind of person:  One who has a genuine proclivity to investigate the inner life,  one who has desires to know more;  one who knows there is more behind the veil, one who is prepared for transformation.

If you are ready for this journey we will investigate:

  • Non-Duality Basics

  • Vibrational Awareness

  • Spiritual Insights

  • Understanding Ego

  • Dissolving Resistance to God

    It has been said that Enlightenment is the most difficult journey.  There are many distractions, and many false teachers out there that can lead a person astray.  True Enlightenment is a Divine Gift.  It cannot be given by any man, any book, any course.  There are only those who can point the way, but the path is yours to take.

While the path of enlightenment may seem daunting, the outcome is worth the work.  Bliss, peace, enhanced flow of love and strengthening your connection to God aids a person in all areas. 

Welcome to the 2nd part of the series Non-duality: A Pathway to Enlightenment – “The Advancement of Consciousness”!

This course is about self-discovery!

It is time to go within and enrich our awareness even more! Through understanding of self, we can know the whole.

In this course we will explore blocks to enlightenment. We will explore ways to dissolve and overcome these obstacles.

This knowledge is not usually taught in typical spiritual groups, but is something that must be sought after. It is especially for those on the pathway of enlightenment, who are at a more intermediate-advanced level.

Many people may think that enlightenment is arrived at superficially, that it is something that comes easily. The truth is quite the contrary. Enlightenment can be one of the most difficult journeys. It requires deep introspection, radical self-honesty, and the willingness to surrender one’s own false beliefs, ideas, and thoughts.

Are you brave enough to walk this path?

The Light exists at the end of the tunnel. But you must be willing to travel that tunnel.

In this course we will go over:

  • Psychological Phenomena

  • Spiritual Phenomena

  • Egoic Traps

  • Enhancing Discernment

  • Spiritual Practices

This information could potentially take years to uncover through various sources. But it has been distilled down and coalesced into a nice, neat digestible form for the modern seeker who is on the go.

So if you’re ready continue along this path to enlightenment and begin experiencing higher states of awareness I invite you to jump in!

Welcome to the 3rd part of the series of Non-Duality: A Pathway to Enlightenment – “Light of the World”!

This course is all about using your higher states of consciousness to spread light and love to those around you!

A person may ask themselves why not just jump straight to this step? Well, through doing inner work first this ability to give love is enhanced and flows unimpeded. By releasing ego, and programs more of God’s light becomes available.

The outside world may present certain challenges to an enlightened being that were not present in the same way as before. This course is about understanding and overcoming these challenges.

Many spiritual teachers, gurus, and seekers choose a life of solitude or seclusion with other spiritual seekers instead of dealing with the outside world. This course is for those who want to arm themselves with knowledge of how to cope with those who may not have similar spiritual insights as yourself.

In this course we will go over:

  • Overcoming Internal & External Challenges

  • Becoming a Conduit of Love & Light

  • Spiritual Practices

The focus here is to uplift humanity. It is to help others enhance their knowledge of Self and of their access to God’s Love & Wisdom.

So, if you’re ready to continue along this path and develop knowledge that could save you years of frustration and toil, and enrich your ability to uplift the world, I invite you to take this course.

Guided Meditations Section

I have included guided meditations at the end of each part of the series.

This course is designed to provide the practitioner with the necessary instruction to be effective in meditation!  All meditation courses are not created equally.  This course was designed to make it easy for you to practice at any time.  It contains 6 separate 20-minute guided meditations.  I have found that this is the optimal time to gain the benefits of meditation while still working a busy schedule.  You can also stack the meditations, doing a 40-min or 60-min meditation. 

The benefits of meditation are vast, but meditation itself takes practice.  There are many falsely claiming meditation programs that stimulate a person with music and/or a lot of talking which disrupts one’s internal dialogue and actually block meditation from happening.  I have been teaching this form of meditation for over a decade and believe it to be one of the most effective.  I have taught it professionally to psychiatric patients and to licensed counselors who have complimented me on its effectiveness.  It is based off of the teachings of the great Thich Nhat Hanh, whom I was fortunate enough to study under one of his disciples. 

This course uses special Mantras, words or phrases, to help embed positive frequencies deep into the subconscious.  This is where the magic happens.  And it can effect your aura, making you vibrate, alive and feel amazing!

This course provides auditory and visual prompts to key you in on each meditation, and also beautiful landscapes for your enjoyment.

Expected Outcomes

  1. Ways to Enhance the Flow of Love
  2. Deeper Understanding of Others
  3. Ways to Overcoming Resistances to the Inner Light
  4. Techniques to Aid in Your Spiritual Journey
  5. Identifying & Dissolving Advanced Ego Manifestations
  6. NonDuality Basics & Advanced Concepts
  7. How to Meditate Properly
  8. Discernment Between Truth & Falsehood
  9. Enhance Your Connection with the Divine
  10. Develop Stillness & Peace in Your Life