Norwegian Course (A1-A2 level) Part 1

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Course Description

Do you want to talk like a Norwegian speaker? This course will guide you towards that path.

Hi there, are you a total beginner in Norwegian and want to take the next step towards fluency in Norwegian? This is the right place for getting hands warm and practise the language!

This course is for people who have the following goals:

1. Wanting to talk to one’s partner.

2. Wants to talk with friends in Norway.

3. Want to talk with colleagues at work.

4. Speak with family from Norway.

5. Start a new life in Norway.

6. Or simply have fun learning Norwegian!

At the end of my course, students will be able to speak basic Norwegian. Read simple Norwegian texts and also create own sentences from scratch.

The following are the accomplishments after the course:

1. Building basic sentences.

2. 200+ new vocabulary.

3. Greeting with people

4. Listening and understand conversations.

5. Making a simple conversation

6. Pronouncing words like a Norwegian.

The following is the course content:

Lesson 1. My name is Tor: This lesson will introduce the basic grammar used when greeting with someone on the streets, in a cafe or anywhere.

Lesson 2. I like this sandwich: This section will focus on saying "to like", adjectives, numbers, pronunciation and more. It will have dialouges and examples along the way.

See you on the other end. Vi snakkes!

Expected Outcomes

  1. Building simple sentences from scratch
  2. 200+ new vocabulary
  3. Pronouncing sentences perfectly
  4. Greeting with new people
  5. Listening to conversations
  6. Writing Norwegian language