Office 2007 New Features

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Course Description

This course covers those features of Microsoft Office 2007 that are new to the Office system, with dedicated units for the new features of each application. In Word, you will learn to use Quick Parts and themes, review changes in paragraph styles, and see changes in inserting tables and formatting objects. In Excel you will learn to use changes in PivotTables and data tables, apply new conditional formatting and review enhancements in charting. In PowerPoint you will understand the changes in slide layouts and slide masters, how to use and modify design themes, apply new effects to graphics and work with SmartArt. In Outlook you will review changes in tasks, learn to use search folders, add RSS feeds, and see changes in sharing calendars. In Access, you will learn how to use new templates, create a new table, understand changes in sorting and filtering and work with new features in forms and reporting. In addition, you will learn how to navigate in the new user interface by working with the Ribbon and Quick Access Toolbar. You will also learn the benefits and features of the new XML file format. Includes everything needed to work effectively within the new suite of applications.

Expected Outcomes

  1. Review of features new across all of office including using the new user interface
  2. Understanding the new file formats
  3. How to use new features in Word: themes, quick parts, picture effects, tables
  4. How to use new features in PowerPoint: custom slide layouts, changes to the slide master, design themes, graphic effects, SmartArt
  5. How to use new features in Outlook: to do bar, searching, calendar changes, categories, RSS feeds
  6. How to use new features in Excel: chart changes, conditional formatting, tables, PivotTables
  7. How to use new features in Access: templates, changes to creating tables, sorting and filtering, changes to forms and reports