Office Management and Reception Diploma

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Course Description

Office Management and Reception Diploma

Working in an office environment is one thing, but managing it is something completely different. It takes specific skills and an understanding of the dynamics of people to successfully run an office in an efficient and comprehensive manner. Our Office Management Diploma is designed to provide you with those very skills, allowing you to further your career and move into managerial positions rather than being stuck on the career ladder.

Introduction to our Office Management Diploma

Our Office Management Diploma consists of 18 individual modules that are designed to provide you with a full insight into what is expected from somebody working in a managerial position within an office. By working through these modules it will provide you with a better insight and understanding of the office management environment and how best to deal with a range of situations that may arise from time to time. Studying this diploma will open up doors for you to go further in your career after receiving your industry approved qualification. You will be required to undertake an examination in order to show that you have correctly understood the various aspects of the modules, allowing you to then move on in your career with a new found confidence.

What you will learn

Throughout the 18 modules you will learn how to handle various situations in the office environment, how to improve certain aspects of your personality, and the way in which you will tackle these problems. Our modules will guide you through how to improve your own confidence and to be able to identify and better understand your own personality to see how it fits in with the office environment. You will also be taught how to better meet and greet various individuals to make sure that things get off on the right foot and that the all-important first impression is a good one. In addition, other modules will study the art of communication and its importance within this particular environment. You will also be guided on how to develop a team and get people to work together for the sake of the office. This will include how to create and develop your own administrative systems that fit in with your way of working within the office. Our modules will help you have a better understanding of the financial side of things from budget restraints and keeping supplies topped up. You will also be shown how to handle meetings and staff in general along with their various issues that may arise from time to time. You will also be shown how to deal with staff promotions and understand how to get to grips with their performance. Legal issues will also be discussed, including equality and diversity policies, alongside writing reports and the importance of health and safety. Finally, we will take you through social media and its role in the office environment, providing you a full understanding of the different aspects of this industry. In other words, you will learn:
  • How to handle staff and understand their performance
  • The legal side of various policies and health and safety
  • Communication
  • How to deal with customers and individuals
  • The financial side of things
  • Office layouts
  • The art of delegation
  • Social media
  • How to handle meetings, including chairing them


There are a number of clear benefits of studying our Office Management Diploma, it being able to further enhance your career and help to propel you into a different role. The benefits of studying with us include.
  • Study at your own pace
  • Study in your own home
  • Modules can be accessed on any device
  • Lifetime access to the modules
  • Easy to follow modules broken down into segments
  • Industry approved qualification
  • Get online support after purchasing our diploma
  • Further your career thanks to our diploma
Our Office Management Diploma will provide you with all you need to know in order to work within this particular environment.