On Camera Audition Mastery

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Course Description

What you’ll learn

  • You’ll discover a new sense of confidence that you will carry into all your auditions.

  • You will know exactly what to do before, during, and after your audition. This will give you a sharp competitive edge over most actors.

  • You’ll eliminate the guesswork and worry about what casting directors want from you. You will know what that is and how to deliver it every time.

  • You’ll develop powerful new memory skills to quickly learn any number of lines. Imagine learning an entire scene within 10 to 15 minutes for an impressive cold read.


Your burning desire to be a highly respected, well paid, professional film & TV actor


This is a no-nonsense course that gives you a clear, proven, step-by-step system to help you master every phase of the on camera audition process. No fluff. No theory. You will learn powerful techniques and secrets that lead to acting success and career advancement.You gain from my experience of more than 40 years as a professional actor and teacher. I reveal the best of what has worked and still works as I continue to audition and book film and TV roles.

Master professional audition skills and create the mindset that executes those skills with elegance and ease.

A small glimpse at what this course offers you:

  • How to make the camera fall in love with you

  • How to get casting directors excited about bringing you in for great roles

  • The secret to remembering all your lines without memorizing words

  • How to light up the audition room with your magnetic presence

  • How to win at every audition

Master the audition process that begins at home, peaks in the casting studio, and winds down as you leave the experience behind you.

You can learn a lot from many qualified acting teachers. You can also find valuable knowledge on YouTube. Consider this course if you want a complete learning experience that covers all the bases. My aim is to make you bulletproof by giving you mastery of things that can win or lose an audition; many of these things happen as outside and away from the audition room. This course will help you become an insider whose mastery goes beyond obvious knowledge.


Your audition mastery in this course will take you on a learning adventure with a clear beginning, middle, and end. You will enjoy a journey of more than 4 hours through 26 video tutorials.

Here is the trajectory you will follow.


Your journey begins with an eye-opening exploration of the significant differences between stage and screen acting. This important foundational step is often skipped in otherwise good courses. Without it, it’s easy to make good acting choices that may work beautifully on stage but miss the mark completely on camera.

Next, you will learn specifically how to adapt any performance to the camera. You will round off this section of the course by leaning the three shots that affect you the most.

Middle - Part 1

This comprehensive section will make you comfortable with any script written for the camera. You’ll know how and why good screenplays are very different from good stage plays. You’ll appreciate and, maybe, even fall in love with the sparseness of good screenwriting.

You will learn how to identify beats that will give your performance variety, color, and focus. One module is devoted entirely to a detailed breakdown of a scene from an award winning screenplay.

My expertise in this area will enrich your learning. I taught a very popular script analysis course in the drama department at York University in Toronto. It helped actors and directors as well.

Middle - Part 2

You will take a deep dive into the entire audition process. There’s a lesson on what to do before an audition. This includes learning your scene at home and reinforcing what you’ve learned while you travel to your audition.

Another lesson focuses on how to handle the waiting room at the audition venue. Many a good actor loses the game here before stepping into the inner sanctum where the camera awaits.

Of course, there is a lesson on what should and should not happen once you are in the room with the casting director and anyone else involved in the project. This lesson covers the technical details of your relationship to the camera and the reader.

Sometimes, they throw you a curve ball at an audition. They like you and want to read you for a role you haven’t prepared for. Gotchya covered. There is a great lesson on how to ace a cold reading, complete with powerful memory secrets. This is where you will learn the Trigger Happy Memory System.

But wait, there’s more… :-)

Middle - Part 3

The course would not be complete without specific guidelines on how to self tape. I take you through the process in a series of videos that cover everything from shooting at home on a smartphone, to shooting with a DSLR camera, to shooting in a professional studio.

And, get this! There’s a separate video on a hot and important topic for you - what actions you should perform in an on camera audition and which ones you should ignore. You’re going to love this one. The guest instructor is a professional working actor in demand. His name is Ron Lea. He has numerous credits, including lead roles in two TV series.

When we shot this lesson, we had just completed a self tape for Ron. And, guess what? You will see the final cut that he submitted tor the role. Plus, we added one of Ron’s another totally different audition pieces. So, this video really covers three topics: 1) The do’s and don’ts of performing stage directions; 2) What an actual self tape audition looks like. This is real world learning, and I’m excited to offer it to you.

3) You will also get a taste of green screen magic (We shot Ron’s auditions with green screen; you will see clips with and without green screen backgrounds).

Bonus Lessons

As I created this course, I discovered things along the way that would support and enrich lessons I had already developed. So, I created additional videos for that purpose.

There are 4 videos, each one, telling a story about one of my professional auditions. Three were victories. One was not. I didn’t shoot these videos to talk about myself. You’ll find that they will shed light on what you have already learned.

Plus, I have created a few important lessons on the mindset that underlies the techniques you will learn for doing powerful auditions, as well as videos that take a deeper dive into some of the important course topics.

The End - Really a New Beginning

I created a review video that shows you the roadmap of your entire journey through the course. It provides a framework for you to instantly visualize how the course sections build on each other.


You will get the most out of this course by practising the skills as you learn them. You can easily do that at home with a smartphone, a tripod, a mic, and some basic lighting. By the end of the course, you will have more than knowledge. You will have new habits and behaviors that are part of your acting DNA.

You will show up at auditions with calm, certainty, and presence. When you step in front of the camera and hear, “Action!” you will be open and available to let your talent shine through. You will win the roles that you are best suited for. When you don’t book a role, you still win by leaving a great impression on the casting director who will eagerly bring you back to play and win again and again.

Who this course is for:

Actors with any level of experience who want to learn proven screen acting techniques, develop their talent, and master the art and skills of professional TV and film auditions.

Expected Outcomes

  1. Proven audition techniques to book great acting jobs and win the respect and trust of casting directors so they continually audition you for good roles.