Optimal Living - Big Goals, Great Habits & More Time

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Course Description

  • Powerful Techniques taught to coaching clients in 4 continents across the globe.

  • Host of Top 10 Ranked Wellness Podcast in iTunes (in 5 countries)

  • Featured on Virgin Australia (In Flight Entertainment)

  • Combined 20 Years Professional Experience

This Effective Training System is all you'll need to Optimise your life.

In this course, you'll learn how to DEFINE, SET and ACHIEVE your biggest (and smallest) goals. Learn how to replace old bad habits with new POSITIVE HABITS that serve you. Plus you'll learn how to CREATE MORE TIME and be more EFFECTIVE with your time in an already busy life.

We include advanced techniques such as: Life Integration, Success Tracking, Life Leverage, The Habit Quadrant plus much more.


  1. Exclusive Special Guest Interviews with best selling authors on goal setting, habit building and time management. They openly share insights and knowledge just for you.

  2. Free Downloadable resources to help you Take Action

  3. Quick fun quizzes to embed your learning

Maybe you'll have some fun along the way, after all -life is for living by your design, on your terms.

Reach Your Maximum Potential and take action!!!

Who this course is for:

  • You want to create new positive habits
  • You like to be better at achieving the goals you never thought possible
  • You want to take control of your time
  • You'd like to get organised and improve your health and wellness
  • You want to make real and long lasting positive change
  • You want to feel more fulfilled in work or personal relationships
  • You want to build structure to 10 x your life
  • You may have little or no purpose or direction and want to create more for yourself

Course content

4 sections • 25 lectures • 5h 35m total length
  • Quick Course Outline & Guide