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Awesome Opportunities to learn Real Time Golden Gate activities with Extensive 38+ hours session with regular addition of session.

Golden Gate is the strongest and Robust Tool currently available . Hence it makes it very important to have a good graps of the Tool.

Golden Gate in Real Time is not just configuration of Extract/Pump/Replicat. Its much more.

I Hope many would agree , we do not create new Process every Day or for every Requirement, the main concern I received from many was , how to play with existing process and visualize the solution.
I was fortunate enough to work in very Troublesome and Extensive  Environment in my 9+ year of Industry Experience and have given all that in this Course.

Have added from the most basic like how to find a replication flow, Eg: if you have Extract –> then how to identify its respective Pump/Replicat and Vice Versa to Upgrade/Migration/Trail corruption/and many many more.

Expected Outcomes

  1. Installation of Golden Gate
  2. *Special REALTIME Activities* Golden Gate Upgrade to 19c
  3. *Special REALTIME Activities* Golden Gate Process Migration
  4. Indepth GoldenGate Process Explanation
  5. In-Depth Checkpoint for GoldenGate
  6. Implementation and Configuration of Classic and Integrated GoldenGate Process
  7. *Special REALTIME Activities* Adding Table to Existing Replication Flow
  8. *Special REALTIME Activities* Splitting of Extract/Pump and Replicat Process
  9. *Special REALTIME Activities* Trail File Corruption/Lost Scenarios
  10. *Special REALTIME Activities* Re-syncing of Table in Existing Replication Flow
  11. *Special REALTIME Activities* Steps to Identify Session causing older recovery checkpoint for Extract
  12. Special Session on Importance of Supplemental Logging
  13. GoldenGate Initial Load Detailed Explanation
  14. Directory Structure and Troubleshooting
  15. Handlecollision Practical
  16. Etrollover Guidelines
  17. Bi-Directional Replication and CDR
  18. Credential Store / Defgen File / Replication with different Table Structure
  19. Manager Parameters
  20. Steps to find Replication Flow