Organize Your Life with Mobile Apps

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Course Description

Closed captions available.

This course will show you how to use four excellent apps for managing your information, guide you through setting them up, and provide tips and best practices for using them.

The apps are: Dropbox (cloud storage), 1Password (secure password management), Wunderlist (to-do lists), and Evernote (store and search all your notes).

When you have these apps set up, you'll be able to sync your information between computers and mobile devices, and quickly access all of your information from anywhere. This is a key advantage of today's mobile devices – always having your information at your fingertips.

The course includes video demos, step-by-step worksheets, and quizzes on:

  • Setting up cloud storage: Dropbox.
  • Setting up a secure password system: 1Password.
  • Setting up to-do lists: Wunderlist.
  • Organizing a place for all of your notes: Evernote.
  • Using these apps together as a system for organizing your life.
  • Security and privacy: tips, best practices, and where to learn more.

Who this course is for:

  • Those who have an iPhone or Android smartphone or tablet and haven't had time to set up cloud storage, password managers, to-do lists, and notes that synchronize with desktop computers.
  • People who would like a good system for storing information digitally and being able to easily find it again.
  • Busy students or professionals who want to free up time to focus on the creative work they enjoy -- because they are no longer losing track of important information, due to lost papers, notebooks left at home, or lost photos on a damaged phone.

With this course you will

  • Save time.
  • Be more productive.
  • Manage your information effectively.
  • Access your information from anywhere.
  • Get the most from your smartphone or tablet.
  • Have a foundation for using other apps that connect with these in useful ways.
  • Reduce stress and focus on what's important in your life (now that your info is organized).

Enroll Now Having these systems set up will make all of your creative projects easier -- because you can easily find all of your information from anywhere.

Expected Outcomes

  1. find your information from anywhere.
  2. synchronize your information between desktop and mobile computers.
  3. generate and use secure passwords.
  4. automatically back up photos from your mobile devices.
  5. create to-do lists that you can access on-the-go.
  6. use the best apps for these purposes (iOS or Android).
  7. use basic tips about security and privacy and know where to learn more.