Oven Cleaning Certificate

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Course Description

Oven Cleaning Certificate

Taking the oven cleaning course is an opportunity to start your own professional oven cleaning business, catering to commercial and residential customers. This is an opportunity for you to start your own successful business armed with the knowledge and skills you need to provide your clients with the best quality results and service at all times. Introduction to the Oven Cleaning Certificate The oven cleaning certificate is a recognised certification to help you jump start your career as a professional oven cleaner. This course comprises of fourteen modules overflowing with valuable information that takes approximately ten hours to complete. You will learn essential oven cleaning techniques, the legal requirements surrounding effective oven cleaning and so much more. You will be armed with everything you need to run your own successful business moving forward. During your online studies you will have the support of a tutor, who is on hand to guide you. You can study from anywhere using any device and study at your own pace, not set to any schedule, enabling you to work full time and study in your spare time. On completion and passing the multiple choice test, you will receive your certification, which is industry recognised and can be downloaded and printed at your convenience.

What You Will Learn

The course comprises of fourteen information packed modules, which will teach you the following:
  • Understand what work you will do as a professional oven cleaner along with the essential equipment you will need to produce the best results.
  • Learn why training in oven cleaning is a benefit and where to find the best positions where you will use your knowledge, the difference between working for yourself or for someone else and how to secure long term commercial contracts for oven cleaning.
  • Know what types of oven cleaning jobs are available.
  • Get a good understanding of oven cleaning equipment. Know the products and tools you will need, the purpose of each one and how to ensure you meet the strict health and safety regulations.
  • Know about chemical safety and what regulations you need to adhere to. Learn what documentation you will need to support industry cleaning products, who is responsible for health and safety compliance and so much more.
  • Learn about the working conditions you can expect from how long it will take to complete a job, why safety clothing is so important and various pricing structures you should take advantage of.
  • Understand the various oven cleaning techniques and expected standards. Know what tools you should be using for different surfaces and what techniques to use to deep clean ovens effectively.
  • Know how to clean Rayburn and AGA cookers. Know how to identify these two common cookers, what products you should use and what are the most common operating temperatures of these two appliances.
  • Learn everything you need to know about commercial oven cleaning from what’s involved to dry steam cleaning to the equipment you will need.
  • Get a good understanding of environmentally friendly oven cleaning - “green cleaning.” Learn about powerful natural de-greasers and the benefits of steam cleaning rather than using chemical solutions.
  • Learn how to run an oven cleaning service effectively to achieve success. Learn what it entails to run a service effectively, help to boost your customer service levels and how many ovens you can expect to clean on a daily basis.
  • Know how to start your own oven cleaning business from initial start-up costs to marketing and developing your online presence.
  • Learn about business insurance, tax and the equipment you will need when starting your own oven cleaning business.
  • Understand what is entailed when hiring staff to work for you, including your responsibilities as an employer and when you should write a health and safety policy, plus so much more.

Benefits of the Oven Cleaning Certificate

This recognised certification can provide you with so many benefits during and after your online training, these include:
  • An industry recognised certification.
  • You will learn how to deliver the best service to your clients.
  • You will have the knowledge you need to start your own successful oven cleaning business.
  • You study online at your own pace with no set schedule.
  • You can study from any device connected to the internet.
  • Online support throughout your study to guide you in the right direction.