Overcome Challenges: The Transformative Power of Inspiration

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Course Description

Are you going through something challenging in your life right now?

Are you feeling lost, frustrated, or perhaps even struggling through a full-on crisis?

Or, maybe you're not facing a challenge or crisis at the moment, but you've faced them in the past.

We all have ups and downs in our lives.

We all feel frustrated at times, like life just isn't working out the way we want, or perhaps the way we planned.

We all go through those phases, or have those experiences, when something unexpected happens, and it just knocks us over.

It can mentally take us out of the game.

We just feel stuck.

Did you know that at those times of challenge or crisis inspiration often appears?


"Inspiration can present itself as a subtle whisper or a nudge to do something... it's that little voice of encouragement, those little a-has, the sudden solution to a problem, or that unexpected idea. You may see it as communication from your higher self, the universe, God, Life, your heart, your gut, or your intuition. It doesn't matter what you call it, what matters is we all experience it. And, as we will share in this course, it has the power to open up new opportunities that can transform you, your life, and the world. Inspiration is Powerful and when you know how to recognize it, cultivate more of it in your life, and act on it, it has the power to change EVERYTHING."

~Debbie LaChusa, course creator and author of The Following Inspiration Experiment


Inspiration during times of frustration or struggle can help you turn personal challenges into personal growth.

When you understand the role inspiration plays during these times, and you understand how to open up to it, it can radically transform your life and up-level your personal growth.

This is not just my personal experience, or the personal experience of my co-instructor, Tetyana Azarova.

This course is based on Tetyana's PhD dissertation: "A Mindful Inquiry into the Meaning of Individual Inspiration in a Period of Personal Challenge."

It's based on the research Tetyana conducted for that dissertation, including personal interviews, and a thorough review of scientific and spiritual literature going back some 50 to 100 years.

Tetyana uncovered an 8 stage process that people go through when they're working through a personal challenge or crisis.

She discovered that inspiration plays a crucial role during these times of personal struggle.

But probably most exciting, she discovered that when you open up to the inspiration that breaks through during these challenging times, it results in personal growth and the expansion of human consciousness.

That's why she labeled the 8 Stage Process as "The Cycle of Expansion and Renewal."

Becoming aware of these 8 stages, and opening up to inspiration, has the power to transform your life.

When I met Tetyana, and read her dissertation, I was amazed at how this 8 stage process mirrored my own personal experience of learning and growing through inspiration.

As I looked back at my 10-year journey of learning to let go, trust, and follow inspiration, I could see that my journey was the same as all of her research study participants.

That's when I knew I wanted to share this research, and this profound 8 stage process, in an online course.

Because this research takes my concept of following inspiration so much deeper.

It proves that inspiration is a journey, not a one-time event.

And, that when you view it as a journey, the impact in your life, and in the lives of others, is extraordinary.

Inspiration is more than something that just feels good, or motivates us to create art, write a book, start a new business, or make a major life change.

Inspiration plays an integral role in our personal growth, and our up-leveling as human beings.

So, whether you've gone through personal challenges in the past, you're going through a personal challenge right now, or you're going to go through one sometime in the future--and let's face it, we all will--I hope that understanding this 8 stage process, and the role inspiration plays, will bring you comfort, give you hope, and open the door to the opportunities that are out there for you on the other side of your challenges.

If you're ready to turn your personal challenges into opportunities for personal growth, we invite you to join us in this course.

Expected Outcomes

  1. 8 stages we all go through when personal challenge or crisis strikes
  2. How stepping into this 8 stage process can bring more meaning and purpose into your life
  3. How to appreciate and apply this 8 stage process to your challenging experiences
  4. How embracing this 8 stage process enables you to step into the flow of life
  5. How to make this 8 stage process a practice in your life
  6. The shift of power that occurs when you embrace this 8 stage process
  7. How and when inspiration shows up in the midst of personal challenge or crisis
  8. The difference between an isolated moment of inspiration and an inspirational journey
  9. The scientific and spiritual support for the role inspiration plays during times of challenge and crisis
  10. Ways to cultivate more inspiration, especially during times of challenge or crisis