Parenting skills: teach your children to speak clearly

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Course Description

Raise your 2 - 9 year old to speak clearly in sentences.

Parenting and teaching from home can be difficult but the one skill that we can all teach our children is how to speak confidently.

How would your children benefit if you could help them learn the most important skill in life?

The benefits are numerous and we all want the best for our children.

  • Children who can speak clearly and confidently are happy children

  • Children who can speak clearly and confidently and in sentences are more likely to be top of their class because they're not frightened to speak or ask the teacher questions.

  • Children who can speak clearly and confidently are willing to join in social events - parties, clubs, sports etc. They don't need to have a parent with them all the time because they can speak for themselves. You, as a parent don't need to worry if they'll ask to use the toilet etc.

  • Children who can speak clearly and confidently are successful children.

  • Confident, successful children sleep well at night.

As parents we spend hours encouraging children to walk (often before they are ready), to count and to read but we rarely spend time actively encouraging them to speak clearly. I don't mean correcting how a word is pronounced, 'no, it's not oppolit, it's opposite' (a word I had trouble with as a child) I mean teaching them to speak in sentences. We assume that because we talk all day every day our children will pick it up.

However, most children kick a ball around a lot but that doesn't mean they will be good footballers, we all walk and run but if we want to excel at it we have to have special training. Speaking is the same. If we want our children to be able to speak confidently and clearly they need to be shown how.

This course will show you the parenting skill you need to help children, how to correct them, how to encourage them to speak in sentences and how to have fun with sounds. The methods used in this course can be used to help children who are just learning to speak or older children who lack clarity or confidence.

Speaking should be fun for all ages and if a child can be heard and understood, school life becomes much more fun and much less stressful.

It has been reported in the UK that more than a quarter of children starting primary school are unable to communicate in full sentences and it is so easy for parents to help their children. Don't let your child be miserable and unsure of themselves, help them now.

Expected Outcomes

  1. How to help and encourage children to speak with ease, clearly and confidently.
  2. Your children will be able to communicate with clarity
  3. Your children will be able to articulate well
  4. Your children will be able to speak to teachers and other adults without fear or stress. It's surprising how many children are frightened to speak to their teacher to ask for the toilet etc.