Parenting Teens - Learning Difficulties No More!

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Course Description

If you are:

  • a parent, grandparent, guardian, uncle or aunt
  • interested in better academic performance of children in your family
  • concerned about underachievement and poor academic results
  • investigating about better learning strategies and exam preparation methods
  • in urgent need of new and better study techniques to avoid school failure

….then this course is for you, because it gives participants:

  • in-depth understanding of style features and how they influence learning
  • access to the secret of individual Learning Style differences
  • increased awareness and understanding of human diversity
  • interpretations of personal Learning Style Analysis (LSA) profiles of participants’ teenage children
  • management techniques for improving learning in the home environment
  • insights into the unusual style combinations of ‘gifted’ learners
  • new tools for improving learning outcomes, particularly for underachievers
  • exam preparation strategies based on individual style needs

Every course participant receives one LSA-Swift assessment for their teenager

Expected Outcomes

  1. Find amazing new ways for overcoming learning difficulties
  2. Understand the world‘s most advanced learning tool – the Learning Style Analysis (LSA)
  3. Know the importance of Senses in learning: Visual (V), Auditory (A), Tactile (T) and Kinesthetic (K)
  4. Understand why ‘Flexible is Beautiful’ is so important for successful learning
  5. Recognize Style features of Gifted Learners
  6. See how underachievers can learn best despite difficult style combinations
  7. Support your teen to become a successful learner
  8. Exam preparation Newstyle
  9. Personal working strategies to turn around poor grades and underachievement
  10. The difference between biological and learned/conditioned style features
  11. Use the LSA Profile as Diagnosis, Prescription, Intervention & Self-help - all in one
  12. Become a learning specialist based on Learning Styles