Parenting To Potential: Awaken To Your Parent Power

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Course Description

Awaken to Your Parent Power is first of a series of four playshops produced by Parenting to Potential designed to help parents cultivate child-rearing practices that foster a positive, empowering, and life enhancing experience for the whole family.

Awaken helps you take that first all-important step to realize and embrace your own powerful place in your child's world. Explore how to not overpower but to empower. Wise use of your power helps your child evolve into an authentic, creative, and courageous human being that genuinely enjoys his or her own life, and naturally moves to contribute to the wellbeing of the world.

This playshop is self-paced, yet designed to take about 2 weeks. It includes thought-provoking reading, inspiring music, engaging audio visuals, and creative and experiential exercises to help you to integrate this material.

The Parenting to Potential courses are designed to expand and strengthen your parenting skills without taking a lot of time away from your work and family life. This particular course, Awaken to Your Parent Power, will lay the groundwork for sound parenting, while providing a basis for the deeper learning available in the next three playshops.

Though parenting is an ongoing process, this playshop will jumpstart your ability to make the changes called for to help your child become who they really are, while doing the same for yourself.

Expected Outcomes

  1. Explore, understand, and integrate concepts that help create a positive and effective parenting experience for you and your child (based on western cultural values).
  2. Discover ways to gain freedom from unconscious beliefs, habits and responses that inhibit your potential and your child's potential.
  3. Apply these concepts and knowledge to your own experience as a child, and now as a parent.