Parenting Without the Fights

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Course Description

Are you looking for ways to have fewer arguments with your kids at home? Are you frustrated when your children don't pay attention to your directions and requests?

Psychologists have found a set of simple and powerful techniques that can turn this situation around -- and I have summarized all of these ideas in this course.

You will learn the strategies that I have taught hundreds of parents over the past 20 years in my work as a clinical psychologist. You'll gain insight into your own parenting style, and you'll learn effective, research-supported parenting techniques with my step-by-step approach. I'll provide you with examples and handouts that will encourage you to put these techniques into action and to stick with the program.

Parents whose children misbehave often will learn how to effectively manage these challenges. First-time parents will find lots of practical advice to successfully navigate through misbehavior that occurs in all families. This approach will be most helpful for parents whose children are between 4 and 13 years old, but teachers, child care providers, and grandparents will find this information to be extremely useful, too.

I'm so excited to provide you with these parenting tools. I've shared them with many others by working directly with families, teaching university classes, researching family dynamics, appearing on television, and being quoted for newspapers and blogs. Join more than 1,000 parents who have enrolled already. This class will make it easier for you to be a great parent! Enroll now and let's work together to make it happen.

Expected Outcomes

  1. Become a more confident parent
  2. Learn powerful techniques that will improve your relationship with your child.
  3. Gain many more ways to respond to your child's misbehavior
  4. Stop children's problems from developing
  5. Enjoy a calmer, happier life at home with your family