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A complete beginner course that will allow you to start properly and understand the art of parkour.

Hello, and welcome in this course, Parkour and freerunning basics for beginners.

I’am Loïc Molla, ex artist in cirque du soleil (KA), actor and stuntman for the movie industrie, i have worked for the 20 century fox in the movie Hitman, and for Luc Besson ( europacorp ) where i met David Belle my friend and founder of the discipline Parkour. We worked together in the movie Banlieu 13 where i was the stunt double of Cyril Raffaelli.

Well that’s cool right ?

I really want to share with you my knowledge about freerunning and parkour, in this course you will learn the fundamentals and basics, i will show you all the techniques and give you all the advices for you to get better, stronger, faster, and of course to be safe during your learning process.

Parkour, or the art of movement, is an acrobatic sporting discipline that consists of crossing urban or natural obstacles, using rapid and agile movements.

As we say, the idea is to get from point A to point B, as fast and as efficiently as possible.

So, if you wish to begin parkour with the right keys, i suggest you follow me, and i want to see you on the other side.

Expected Outcomes

  1. Learn the basics of parkour
  2. The principles of freerunning
  3. How to warm up the right way to avoid injuries
  4. How to improve your balance
  5. How to get in shape for parkour moves
  6. How to do the aerial wheel
  7. How to roll forward safely
  8. What kind of shoes to choose for parkour
  9. The principles of breath in breath out in parkour
  10. Over the wall techniques
  11. Hand gripping
  12. Rotate 360° against the wall