Past Life Regression Therapy For Soulmates & Relationships

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Course Description

0) Who This Course Is and Isn't For

a) This course is for Non-Therapists, to get personal sessions of Past Life Regression about soulmates & relationships. This course is for you if you just want to experience Past Life Regression, and you don't want to learn how to do Past Life Regression to others.

b) If you are or want to be a Therapist - This many not be the course for you! Instead I'd recommend my courses "PLR - Therapist Training" & "Past Lives For Healers". Some lectures, topics and case studies from these therapist courses also appear in this non-therapist course, though often changed for a non-therapist audience. If you have already done the courses for therapists, and still really want to take this course to deal with soulmate and relationship issues, you can still benefit, as their are many unique features in this course.

c) Complement to sessions as a client in-person or online; For people doing Past Life sessions in-person, and having 3-5 sessions, doing this course online could cover some important areas, and reduce the number of more costly in-person sessions, giving substantial savings. If you want to have personal sessions with me online, doing the course can get you started, and we can pick up where you left off with the videos.


1) This course is a based around Past Life Regression Therapy, focused on soulmates and relationships. The outcome is to understand and help relationship issues, especially these four major issue types, each with four issue sub-types.

A) Romantic Relationship Ends; Has a relationship ended in due to divorce, breakup or unrequited love? Has this left you with obsessive thoughts, denial or lack of closure, or emotional residues that block or infect new relationships?

a) Have you been mistreated, causing anger or sadness?

b) Have you mistreated other, causing guilt or regret?

c) Do you cling on to a relationship, blocking moving on?

What if you could recall lifetimes to see balancing or repeating patterns, that make understanding and forgiveness an automatic spiritual therapeutic resolution?

This course can help heal after a romantic relationship ends.

B) Romantic Soulmates; A relationship is active; at the beginning with doubts, in the middle requiring maintenance, or at the end contemplating leaving.

a) New Relationship with Doubts; Does our sense of connection mean we are romantic partners? Why are we attracted?

b) Ongoing Trust and Commitment Issues; I want to be with them, but I can’t trust them, or I can’t make a commitment.

c) Leave Relationship To Be With Another?; Is someone else my real soulmate?

This course can help give clarity to decision involving romantic soulmates.

C) Family, Friends & Rivals; We or others carry strong preset thoughts or emotions.

a) You Have An Instant Aversion To Them; There is no apparent reason for the strength of your aversion or dislike towards them, but it dominates your relationship. Trivial events in this life trigger you to have big overreactions. You feel tense and uncomfortable in their presence.

b) They Have Instant Aversion To You; They are aggressive, intolerant or rude to you for no apparent reason. You don’t feel the same back or understand why.

c) Competition & Tension; You can’t relax around them, and constantly ‘score points’. To be happy, it’s not enough for you to succeed, they must also fail.

This course can help come to peace in relationships with Family, Friends & Rivals.

D) Relationship With Self - Low Self-Esteem, Anxiety; We can be our own worst enemy in relationships. They may build up a wall against us, yet we may build our own wall. We may be criticised by others, but the harshest critic can be ourself. Anxiety or fear can attempt to protect us, but damage our relationships.

2) Course Structure & PLRT Process;

PLRT done professionally has implicit within it other forms of regression therapy, so sessions include;

a) Interviews; to focus on presenting issues related to soulmates & relationships. And pre-talks to prepare for hypnotic inductions and guided meditations.

b) Age Regression Hypnotherapy; to clarify the presenting issue and story in this life, that connects with past lives.

c) Past Life Regression; to clarify the past lives causes, events and people, and begin to work with, or be at peace with, the karmic effects.

d) Future Life Progression; to see how learning spiritual lessons effects our path into this life and the next, growing confidence, motivation and life purpose.

3) Course Highlights;

- Case Study Exercises; guide you to write your about your own past life relationships, focusing on healing or developing present life relationships.

- Case Study Examples; from my clients and my past lives relating to relationships, illustrating themes relevant to most people.

- Clarify your own goals for each session with worksheets and interviews.

- Understand each technique and key themes with pre and post session talks.

- Experience three regressions to the Present, Past and Future lives.

- Get therapeutic resolutions to enhance your relationships.

Reviews for sister course “Past Life Regression - Therapist Training”

“It is really good, covering the all aspects of past life regression. I also loved the audio session given in the last lesson on various common subjects. Overall it is good and it's really worthy to invest time to learn & heal yourself.”

"I'm amazed with this course. I'm already conversational hypnotist myself. Just listening to the audio I was able to view some of my past lives and benefit from it. Thank you, Mark!”

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Thanks, Mark :)

Expected Outcomes

  1. Clear emotional and karmic energy blocks to improve negative relationships.
  2. Connect with past life stories to clarify and affirm positive relationships.
  3. Develop self-esteem, self-acceptance and self-forgiveness, as a soul.
  4. Guidance on relationship choices with Spirit Guides, Soul Group & Soul Council.
  5. Understand the karmic causes of relationship issues due to past life events.
  6. Understand karmic effects, and learn spiritual lessons from relationships.