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Course Description

The Care Quality Commission (the independent regulator of health and social care in the UK) include Person-centred care as one of the 13 fundamental standards of care that should be implemented with utmost sincerity. Person-centred care is caring for patients beyond their medical condition and personalising your services to their specific desires and requirements. Unfortunately, some health and social workers fail to fulfil this responsibility by failing to comprehend the personal issues of those they are responsible for.

The Person Centred Care Training Course outlines why it’s crucial to personalise your care to meet a person’s specific preferences and needs, as well as how it helps your healthcare environment as a whole. It also discusses how to comply with the Health and Social Care Act and other important legal obligations, such as how to establish care plans and obtain consent, in order to provide person-centred care. Finally, it examines the principles represented by person-centred care and discusses why treatment should be individualized to each service user as much as feasible.

Upon successful completion of this Person Centred Care Training Course, you will obtain the skills and information needed to help your care setting attain a high standard of care that ensures the welfare of your patients.

Course Highlights

  • Complies with the latest Health and Safety Laws
  • Designed by expert healthcare professionals
  • Accredited by the CPD Certification Service
  • Self-Paced Online Distance Learning
  • High-Quality E-Learning Study Materials
  • Approximate duration of about 45 Minutes

Who is this Person Centred Care Course Online for?

This Person Centred Care Training Course is primarily aimed at those working in the care setting such as:

  • Nurse
  • Healthcare worker
  • Healthcare professionals
  • Volunteers
  • Social care worker
  • Social care assessor
  • Counsellor
  • Psychologist
  • Support staff

This course is not, however, confined to a single profession or industry. It is valuable to owners, managers and employers of residential care homes burdened with the responsibility of taking care of the vulnerable residents residing there. This course also appeals to a broader audience of people interested in learning more about person-centred care in order to assist themselves and others around them.

Aims and Learning Outcomes of this Person Centred Care Course Online

By the end of this Person Centred Care Training Course, you will be able to:

  • Define person-centred care and understand the various approaches to support and care
  • Understand what person-centred care means to service users and support medical teams
  • Analyse the values represented by the person-centred care
  • Understand how these values must be flexible and prioritised on an individual basis
  • Design care plans and know how to maintain them
  • Analyse the benefits of care plans and know how to provide the best care service that meets the needs of an individual
  • Understand the importance of obtaining the consent of the service user for actions on a day to day basis
  • Understand how to obtain consent in situations where it is impossible to obtain one
  • Demonstrate the Health and Social Care Act and other important legal obligations
  • Identify the importance of the daily report and know what crucial role they play in person-centred care
  • Understand how to fill in the daily report including the legal implications of what you record
  • Implement and offer a person-centred approach in an adult care setting

Recognised Accreditation

This Person Centred Care Training Course is accredited by Continuing Professional Development (CPD). CPD is globally recognised by employers, professional organisations, and academic intuitions, thus a certificate from CPD Certification Service creates value towards your professional goal and achievement.

CPD certified certificates are accepted by thousands of professional bodies and government regulators here in the UK and around the world. Many organisations look for employees with CPD requirements, which means, that by doing the Person Centred Care Training Course, you would be a potential candidate in your respective field.

Accredited by The CPD Certification Service

Entry Requirements

There are no academic entry requirements to enrol into this Person Centred Care Training Course; it is open to students and professionals of all academic backgrounds.

Assessment Method

This Person Centred Care Training Course assesses learners through multiple-choice questions (MCQs). Upon successful completion of each module, learners must answer MCQs to step into the next module. Through the MCQs, it is measured how much a learner could grasp from each section. In the assessment pass mark is 75%.

Valuable Certification

Upon successful completion of this Person Centred Care Training Course, you will be eligible to download CPD accredited free electronic certificate instantly. There is a minimal shipping charge applicable to get the hardcopy course completion certificate which is:

  • Shipment Inside the UK = £5.99
  • International Shipment = £16.99

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