Personal Development - Who am I? Reclaim Life After Divorce

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Course Description

Welcome to this course on how to reclaim your life and move forward after the pain and trauma of relationship breakup.

Do you feel that your life is over now you are breaking up? Are you wondering what happened to the dreams you had about how your life would be? Maybe you are feeling overwhelmed, lost and out of control by the changes that are taking place.

This course will guide you to find the true you, so you can move forward with confidence and create the life you want.

Expected Outcomes

  1. What your divorce and relationship breakup is actually about, and how to move on from it
  2. The causes that stop you being who you really are, in all your gorgeousness, so your self esteem can grow and your confidence and wellbeing flourish
  3. How to put yourself back in the driving seat of your own life after the trauma of relationship breakup
  4. Some simple keys to achieve balanced emotional, psychological and physical wellbeing for a full and love-filled life