Personal Finance: Improve Cash Flow and Mindset in 1 Month

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Course Description

Learn basic concepts to improve your financial situation. Let's work together to increase the value of your monthly cash flow statement!

Build a strong financial base and mindset that you can build upon.

  • Initiate positive, calm, goal-oriented thinking
  • Discover creative outlets
  • Reduce and automate your expenses
  • Find purpose while increasing your income
  • Reduce time and money wasters
  • Align your budgeting, spending, mindset, and daily action steps towards your purpose and goals.

Take a value-based approach at money that you can apply the rest of your life.

By aligning your thoughts and actions towards value, you can cut the bad, add the good and move in a positive direction financially and in your purpose. It is a skill you can build upon so you can make decisions to get the most of your time and what money can provide you.

Ever wonder what people that don't make much more than you seem to have access to more money? In this one month course, with under ten minutes of instruction per day, we will learn skills to get out of scarcity and into this place of abundance.

Value your time and personal finance with this course balancing mindset, action steps, and support elements needed to naturally make progress. Included is a financial and tracking worksheet to track this progress along the way. Know what it important in your life and build your life and money-management around these values.

Expected Outcomes

  1. Establish a powerful success foundation with silence, credit, goals, training, passion, and vision while using creative outlets to find peace, purpose, and more cash flow.
  2. Create big wins with consistency with a rock solid self-belief, brainstorming, love, and mindfulness while capturing baseline expenses, liabilities, income, assets, and cash flow.
  3. Reduce expenses applying a value mentality, a minimalist approach, having standards to say no, automating spending, and triggering positive flow.
  4. Increase income and start a new business venture with positivity and focus, using failures to improve, working hard and smart, knowing your value, and by reading to grow.
  5. Keep the cycle going so success and happiness will keep flowing in life to think rich, from a place of abundance and happiness.