Personal Productivity Blueprint - An Action Oriented System

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Course Description

This course is been designed to help everyone who feels need to improve the way they manage their time and themselves.

If you are going through one or more of following and this course is definitely going to bring fresh insight to you and new beginning in your life:

  • Having Life and Work with lot of clutters and bogged down by it

  • Facing difficulty in concentrating and frequently getting distracted with whats happening in life

  • Feeling yourself unorganized

  • Facing difficulty to prioritize the task

  • Suffering from habit Delaying the stuff which should have been done long back leading to stress

  • Trying to figure out where you are loosing out on been productive

  • Suffering professional and personal relationship because of been unproductive

  • Want to have effective meetings

  • Learn to have the productive morning routines

  • Learn to avoid wasting time on computers

Who this course is for:

  • Professional & Entrepreneurs wanting to increase their Productivity, Overcome Procrastination & Become Stress Free
  • Students who wants to increase their Productivity, Overcome Procrastination & Become Stress Free
  • Homemakers who wants to make effective utilization of their time and increase focus and be stress free

Course content

11 sections • 29 lectures • 4h 17m total length
  • Personal Productivity Blueprint Workbook