Photographing Families with Angie Monson Digital Photography

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Course Description

A lot of photographers have asked me how I get tweens and teens to look natural in family photos. It's TOUGH, trust me, but it's not impossible to get older kids to relax and enjoy a family session. A lot of it is how you interact with them. I have created a video that shows the difference of how I photograph a family with older kids compared to photographing a family with younger kids. Bottom line, they are just two completely different sessions. Watch me as I teach you tips and tricks with working with different ages!

Expected Outcomes

  1. How to get your clients to connect and look natural in front of your lens.
  2. How to get hard personalities to engage during sessions.
  3. How to create art, getting away from "posed" family photos.
  4. Photographing families with teens vs families with small children- age does make a difference!
  5. How to create beautiful images with ease.
  6. Digital Photography