The Complete PHP & MYSQL - Login System

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Course Description

In this course you are going to build a complete Login and Register system using PHP and MYSQL as a database.

We are going to build an Admin Dashboard where you can update the users details, and also be able to delete users. We will create also a blog section where Admins or moderators can post blog posts, but guests can only see them!

And finally don't worry I will cover every single detail so you guys can easily follow along, even if you have little experience, I will add the full code in the end of the course!

By taking this course you will learn:

Learning outcome:

  • Create a Complete Login and Registration System

  • Adding Security by Sanitising and Validating Data against malicious scripts

  • Connecting to MYSQL database with PDO

  • Learning how to Hash user passwords

  • Login and Logout with Sessions

  • and much more...

Expected Outcomes

  1. Creating a Login a Register System
  2. Connecting PHP with MYSQL Database using PDO
  3. Creating Protected Pages
  4. Learn how to Create an admin dashboard