Physician Recruiter Success

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Course Description

Physician candidates are receiving, on average, 25 inquiries per week, including emails, phone calls, direct mail from your competitors.

How do you stand out from the crowd? How do you make a connection, especially when Candidates have their guard up? From the Candidate’s respective they know that you benefit from accepting your job, so how do they know they can trust what you are saying?

The recruiters who share in the philosophy to become an advocate to all candidates and provide unbiased guidance, support, and resources for each candidate to make the right decision regardless whether they accept the opportunity they represent will be able to build additional value and create a differentiating experience with Medical Residents and their respective candidates. And...

In this course, Physician Recruiter Success - How to leverage the Workbook and Stand Out in the Crowd, you will gain a deeper understanding and appreciation for simple, powerful strategies that will be your go-to-resource to build trust and credibility with prospective candidates by integrating the Workbook into:

  • Career Fairs and Conferences
  • Interview process
  • Residency Presentations

This session will help you create a differentiating experience, build trust, and impact each candidate regardless whether they accept your opportunity.

Expected Outcomes

  1. Identify several ways to create a competitive advantage in the Physician Recruiter field
  2. Apply the principles outlined in this course to attract and retain qualified physician candidates
  3. Utilize brand storytelling to create a personal connection with medical residents/physician candidate
  4. Identify little-known events/venues to connect with potential physician candidates