Power BI Master Class-Data Models and DAX Formulas 2021

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Course Description

Don't sit through days of boring training to understand how Power BI works! This course will get you up to speed and working in half the time, giving you the crucial foundation to start you on the journey to becoming a Power BI expert.

Great reports are built on great data models. In this course, learn how to create relationships, create measures, use DAX and all the other skills you need to build a data model that ensures your reports are top-notch! This course has been updated (JUNE 2020) to the latest Power BI interface so you will be using the latest version available.

This course has been updated for 2021 in full HD video quality, so you will learn on the latest Power BI interface. Students who have taken this course have this to say:


"Thanks..this is exactly what I was looking for. So many questions are clarified now. This is really helpful for my day to day work!!"

"Very well organized. I like that it is "master" class, but you provide the instruction in such a way that it does not overwhelm you with new or complex information, BUT at the same time does not bore you with basic information that a somewhat experienced user should already know. A nice balance."

"Ian is a good instructor. I have completed 2 modules (Query Editor and DAX). Looking forward to completing the 3rd (Dashboards and Power BI Service)."

"Great course, great professor, I'm a beginner user and the course is really great as a first approach, it teaches you about the most important general aspects and functions, it is the perfect first step you should take if you want to dominate powerbi."


  1. Introduction and Course Content

  2. Creating Calculated Columns - Basic calculations, using date fields and date tables

  3. Creating Measures - Aggregation measures, the =Calculate formula, the All and AllExcept formula, Time Intelligence, Customer Segmentation and many more

  4. Creating Relationships between tables and using relationship calculations

  5. Creating Virtual Tables and Calculations between Tables

  6. Creating and using hierarchies and data groups

  7. Case Studies on DirectQuery, Star Schemas and Quick Measures


Ian Littlejohn has been a top-rated trainer on the Udemy platform for over 5 years and has more than 10 years' experience in training & management consulting. He specializes in Data Analysis, covering Excel, Power BI, Google Data Studio and Amazon Quicksight.

Ian has over 100,000 students and 50,000 reviews and an average course rating of over 4.5 out of 5. He has a reputation for delivering excellent, logically structured courses that are easy to follow and get the point across without wasting learners' time.


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We look forward to having you on the course!



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Expected Outcomes

  1. Enjoy CLEAR and CONCISE step by step lessons from a best selling Udemy instructor in FULL HD 1080 P video
  2. Have a COMPREHENSIVE understanding of creating data models and developing DAX formulas in Microsoft Power BI
  3. Create calculated FIELDS and MEASURES using DAX in Power BI
  4. Perform SOPHISTICATED calculations such as Time Intelligence, Filtered Data and Creating Calculated Tables
  5. Learn to create VIRTUAL TABLES and powerful cross table calculations
  6. Create RELATIONSHIPS between tables of data
  7. Learn to create Hierarchies and Data Groups for better data analysis