Power Query for Excel and Power BI (Introductory Level)

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Course Description

Power Query, also known as “Get & Transform”, is an amazing piece of ETL technology built into Excel 2016 and Power BI Desktop, and is available as a free add-in for Excel 2013 and 2010. It allows you to Extract data from a vast array of sources, Transform it more quickly and easily than you ever thought possible, and then Load it directly into a table or your data model.

If you need to learn one new tool today, Power Query is it! Power Query for Excel and Power BI is an introductory excerpt from our full course, Power Query Academy. In this course, we will introduce you to the magic of Power Query and how it will transform the way you work with data forever.

Ken Puls and Miguel Escobar, both top Power Query experts, will guide you as you learn about this powerful tool. They will walk you through how Power Query works, connecting to basic data sources, performing simple transformation techniques, combining data from multiple sources), and loading the prepared data in Microsoft Excel and Power BI Desktop.

Expected Outcomes

  1. Clear understanding of what Power Query is and what it's designed for
  2. Connect to simple Data Sources and create simple transformation solutions
  3. Modify and re-purpose existing Power Query solutions
  4. Consolidate and/or Merge Data from Multiple Sources