Powerful Business Writing #2 – How to Write in Fewer Words

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Course Description

The fewer words you write, the more impact you make.

Your written communication is punchy, to the point and enticing for your readers.

Do you write for business? Client emails, essays, marketing material, technical reports – or simply need to produce your best written communication?

You, too, can write concise content – and convey powerful messages.

“This course is well-planned and well-presented. The instructor teaches from a foundation of experience in writing business messages – marketing, internal communication and other standard business fare. This makes for a decidedly "business-friendly" class rather than one packed with complex rules about grammar and structure.”

“Interesting course and easy to follow. I'm already cutting down on wordiness and achieving better results. Good examples and cheat sheets.”

Often less is more. The fewer words you have on a webpage, brochure or email the more impact you can have.

This powerful business writing course will boost your writing skills with techniques and cheat sheets for concise, professional and powerful written communication.

Forget grammar theory; think easy-to-follow examples and business-oriented content. Your business writing will:

- Make more impact
- Be more succinct and powerful
- Grab readers’ attention
- Hold readers’ attention

“Material/delivery clear and concise. Enjoyed the exercises. Instructor very knowledgeable.”

“Course has been extremely helpful with my university assignments.”

“I was surprised at how quickly my writing improved… The examples and exercises are relevant and easy to follow, and I will continue to refer to the material in my current role.”

Reduce wordiness and produce more professional writing.

In this fast-paced business writing course, I share my secrets to writing concise content and powerful messages. I reveal simple techniques to keep your words down and your message compelling – giving you the confidence to write concisely, with ease.

I’ve created cheat sheets you can print and keep next to your computer for easy reference, and exercises that will hone your business writing skills.

Start writing business communications with confidence – content that gets noticed and is read to the very end.

Complete this business writing course in as little as three hours, and continue to use the material as a reference.

Expected Outcomes

  1. Write shorter, more concise messages – with confidence.
  2. Produce powerful, professional written communication.
  3. Write simple, yet elegant content.
  4. Select the most compelling words.
  5. Learn the secrets to eliminating wordiness.
  6. Cheat sheets to keep beside your computer.