PowerPoint Advanced Usage & Slide Design

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Course Description

Welcome in the Advanced PowerPoint Presentation Slide Design - Become Better at PowerPoint class!
Let's get straight into what you are going to learn and what the goals are for this course.

Goals of this class:

  • Teach you efficient slide design

  • Upgrade your PowerPoint knowledge

  • Show you modern approaches to PowerPoint usage

  • Make you more confident as a designer

What will you learn:

  • How to design professional looking slides

  • Make a consistent theme across multiple slides

  • How to use Merging and Intersecting shapes

  • Hidden PowerPoint tricks only real pros use

The class will be short but very packed with valuable information and knowledge regarding presenting, presentations, design and of course PowerPoint usage.

Expected Outcomes

  1. Become better at PowerPoint, to an Expert degree
  2. Learn Advanced Slide Creation in PowerPoint
  3. Effective PowerPoint Usage
  4. Be more confident with Slide Design