PowerPoint Jeopardy and Family Feud from Scratch

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Course Description

Welcome! Be prepared to WOW your audiences with unique and awesome-looking games using PowerPoint. Your students/audiences will literally ask you "what program is that?" while you're playing. They won't BELIEVE that such awesome-looking and FUNCTIONAL games can be made and executed using PowerPoint.

Playing games is a great way to LEARN and RETAIN information. The retention rate is RIDICULOUSLY high and the fun/rapport generated is immeasurable.

You'll find a few templates online, but:

  1. They are hideously ugly, not professional-looking, and an EMBARRASSMENT to your skills expertise. Let's make great looking games so your audience will know that you respect them enough to not use pre-built templates that look like garbage.

  2. They're made by someone else, so...what you see is what you get. And don't bother trying to make changes; you'll just get FRUSTRATED and DISCOURAGED.

  3. You don't learn anything using someone else's stuff. Learn to build games from scratch for complete control over what goes in, and most importantly, what comes out.

You will create two very popular games that you can use for any occasion: Jeopardy and Family Feud. Your audience will not have a learning curve on how to play...everyone can just jump right in!

You will learn a lot while building your own game! You'll use many of PowerPoint's features to create a functional, highly-responsive game such as:

  • Advanced animation techniques
  • Triggers
  • Shape building (2013) or Shape manipulation (2010, 2007)

The PowerPoint games you'll create can be used for COUNTLESS occasions such as:

  • Bible studies
  • Academic classroom environments
  • Holiday parties
  • Club tournaments
  • Baby showers
  • Game nights

But enough reading...let's get to building!

Expected Outcomes

  1. Over 3 hours of content provided to ensure uniqueness and functionality!
  2. In this course, you will learn to create popular games in PowerPoint without the use of complex programming or coding
  3. Simultaneously inform, teach, and entertain your audiences with fabulous games created with your bare hands (and keyboard)!
  4. The goal is create reusable games that are unique to you, your company, or your school