Practical Lync 2013 (Skype for Business)

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Course Description

This course covers all you need to know to use Microsoft Lync 2013 (Skype for Business) effectively. It introduces the concepts and practical features that someone new to Lync needs to know. Lync works on a variety of platforms including Windows 7 & Windows 8, iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone and others. These are demonstrated throughout the course. In a quick and lively manner this will cover the main uses of Lync for a new user. This course is also a good review of the end user perspective for Lync administrators.

The course begins with a definition of Lync and some basic navigation techniques. It gives a tour of the user interface and how to log in, log out & exit from the program. Status or Presence is a key aspect of Lync and the ways it is set and displayed are covered. How to manage and organize contacts is explained with examples. Basic messaging is shows with multiple conversations managed at once. How to do a voice call is shown including group or conference calls. Video calls are demonstrated including conference videos and the new video preview feature. Meeting integration is strong in Lync with Outlook meetings and this is shown including creating and starting a Lync meeting. Sharing a Desktop and sharing other content in Lync is shown in some detail. Finally how to record a meeting in Lync is explained and shown with publishing options. Throughout the course the videos are quick, lively and clearly explained. If you want a good grasp on what Lync is and what it can do for you this course will show you in just over an hour.


***** COURSE UPDATED: February 2016 *****

Expected Outcomes

  1. A good concise explanation of what Lync is and what it does
  2. Intro to the user interface and how to log in, log out & exit from Lync
  3. How to set presence, status, location & where it appears
  4. How to add, remove and organize contacts and access permissions
  5. Sending and managing instant messages
  6. How to see saved conversations in Outlook
  7. How to place & receive a voice call, muting calls and making a conference call
  8. How to place & receive a video call, previewing your image, and using the video gallery
  9. How to set up online meetings in Link from the Outlook Calendar
  10. See why the Shared Desktop can save you time and effort for help desks and other mentors
  11. Sharing a desktop to iPhone, iPad, Win Phone and Win 8 App, sharing control
  12. Sharing content such as PowerPoint presentations and other files in Lync
  13. Using the shared whiteboard for brainstorming in Lync
  14. Sharing OneNote notes and polling features in Lync
  15. How to record a Lync meeting and playback and publishing options