Practical Reactive Streams with Akka and Java

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Course Description

This course builds on the "Practical Java concurrency with the Akka Actor Model" course and will extend your knowledge of using the actor model with Akka and Java to create reactive streams.

The course is full of practical real-world scenarios - you'll even build a blockchain mining application.

Please note that although Akka is built in Scala, no Scala knowledge is needed for this course - the course covers Akka with Java and we won't be writing any Scala code.

This course covers the newer Akka Typed API only.

Expected Outcomes

  1. What are reactive streams and when should you use them
  2. How to build asynchronous, non-blocking, reative streams with back-pressure
  3. The Akka Streams API and GraphDSL
  4. How to correctly implement asynchronous boundaries and parallelism
  5. How to integrate Akka Actors into reactive streams