Primordial Mantra Meditation 'Chopra Certified Instructor'

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Course Description

Hosted and written by Marie Atkinson 'Chopra Center Certified Instructor'

So much of our life is subconscious programming. How we think, act, behave, feel, judge and choose, is based on our past; our life experiences. This is where we find the seat of our limiting beliefs, invisible bars that we’ve put around our creativity, our true potential, our intuition and sense of adventure.

This course is about becoming aware of our thoughts, behaviour and choices. It’s about living in the present moment and not allowing the past to rule our present moment or our destiny.

This course is about falling in love with your true potential, believing in a future reality that as yet you can’t touch but you can learn how to feel and experience it as though it’s already evolved.

This course is about bringing your creativity and intuition back to life. The answers are never out there, they are inside us. Freedom from our limiting beliefs is a breath away. We just have to stop, become aware and really listen. To do that, we will need to learn how to meditate effectively.

So, what will you get from this course?

You will be given the skills and techniques to meditate effectively.

This will be an opportunity to find yourself, transcend your limiting beliefs, and find your life’s purpose.

Through your meditation practice, you will learn how to reach into your own state of being, rise above your limiting beliefs and then reconnect with your intuition, your passion and become the best version of you.

You will learn how to effectively deal with stress and know how to rise above conditioned, habitual thoughts and behaviours, that are not loving to you, many of which have probably been running your life.

You will become very aware of your life from a higher state of consciousness.

And when you are aware you become so much better at listening, focusing, learning, noticing the small things, appreciating your environment, and naturally you become more compassionate, more grateful and appreciative. It’s being in this state that brings more of the same to you. As the saying goes,

“You get what you are projecting out into the world, not what you want.”

Essentially if you put in the work, make the time, you methodically go through each lesson and participate fully in the meditation classes that are in each of the four modules then get ready to experience real changes in your life.

And until I started meditation, I can’t even count the number of times that I attempted and failed to make changes in my life. I just didn’t know at the time, there was any other way to change other than effort, strain, force, positive thinking and battling forward.

This course isn’t about doing any of those things.

We’ll be reaching into our subconscious programming and shining the light of awareness onto it.

Who is this course for?

If you want to grow, transform and be the best version of yourself or if you are searching for direction, searching for more creativity and inspiration, this course can certainly help you to find your path.

When the mind becomes quiet and you experience a portal open into your own true essence, there will be no going back.

Expected Outcomes

  1. You will learn how to meditate effectively.
  2. How to use meditation to take your life to another level.
  3. You will learn how to be aware in each and every moment.
  4. You will also learn how your thoughts and emotions create every future moment of your life.