Principles of Biomanufacturing: Using Biotechnology to Manufacture Medicines

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Course Description

The successful manufacturing of biologic medicines requires strong collaboration among multiple functional groups. Yet, many organizations are heavily siloed and fragmented communication across divisions can slow progress towards producing medicines for patients. Could your organization be working more effectively and efficiently?

Using an applied case study, the program offers scientists, chemists, researchers, program managers, and other biological medicine specialists an opportunity to build an integrated understanding to their role in biomanufacturing.

By the end of this course, you will understand how decisions made as early as product discovery can impact how a biologic is manufactured and delivered. You will also be able to answer questions such as:
  • How do you design biopharmaceutical medicines to be both effective and manufacturable?

  • How do you co-op cellular machinery to produce life-saving medicines?

  • How do you design reactors to keep the cellular factories happy and productive?

  • How do you remove cellular debris for the highest quality and most efficacious therapy?

  • Faster decision times could add risks associated with accelerated development of compounds, so how do you do all of this as efficiently as possible in a highly regulated environment?