Professional Accredited Angelic Healing Practitioner Course

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Course Description

This is an Extensive Professionally Recognised Training Course that will enable you to become an Angelic Healing Practitioner.

The course is very thorough and covers the roles of the Angelic Realm in our lives as well as showing you how to connect with them and work with them. They are here now at this time to support humanity to shift their frequency as we have now entered the Age of Aquarius. More and more lightworkers are waking up and the angelic realm want to show us ways to work with them.

This healing modality was shown as a way of making that unique and powerful connection back to the light, it is our divine right to walk in the light as fully empowered, compassionate beings.

Once you make the step to becoming a lightworker the angelic realm take note, its like a light bulb lights in the heavenly realms and you are then supported in your journey for as long as you choose to be part of it.

The Angelic Realm cannot intervene unless they are asked so they have been waiting patiently for people like you to decide to make a difference in peoples lives. For that they honour you.

Enjoy the journey



Expected Outcomes

  1. We will show you how you can create your own Angel Healing Therapy business, explaining good practices for marketing and advertising, along with the ethics and insurance needed, as well as how you should present yourself in your practice.
  2. You will learn about the angels themselves as well as how to connect with them
  3. The ways in which Angel Healing Therapy works
  4. How to start a business in this area as an Angel Healing Therapist
  5. You will learn why the Angelic Realms want to connect with us at this time
  6. Students will learn about the history of angels, as well as the different types of angels, and their hierarchy
  7. The types of angels you can all upon and what they are responsible for
  8. How to connect with your guardian angel
  9. You will learn to recognise angel signs
  10. Looking in more detail at the 4 watchtower archangels, and what their roles and responsibilities are and how angels may go about helping you
  11. You will go through a step by step process, of how to run an Angelic Healing with case studies and video support materials
  12. You will learn about angels and their favourite crystals