Professional Email Writing - A NEW ACTIVITY-BASED TRAINING

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Course Description


Training requires practice to ensure implementation. Not just watching videos. This ALL-NEW training includes a workbook and multiple practical exercises to understand and put the techniques to use.

In email...

✅ We must write what the reader NEEDS to know. Not what we WANT to say.

We are not having a conversation. We are getting things done.

We must avoid the costly Ping-Pong Effect through clear writing.

Make your emails stand out; get your emails read; get things done.

This interactive and informative training will keep you engaged from start to finish. You will learn to write email messages that communicate clearly and drive employee and project action items. The techniques will also help you avoid the costly back-and-forth correspondence that commonly occurs from unclear or inappropriate messages.

You will be able to implement the skills and impress your boss and coworkers the very next time you write an e-mail.


Writing with a clear purpose in mind

→ Making action items stand out

→ Determining when to use a direct vs. indirect writing approach

→ Enabling the reader to respond easily

→ Writing a meaningful, specific subject line

→ Including the appropriate level of detail

→ Striking a respectful tone

"A good writer works hard so the reader doesn't have to." Richard Lauchman

Expected Outcomes

  1. Write messages that drive action and improve decision-making
  2. Improve organization and clarity of writing
  3. Chunk and label the most important content
  4. Avoid costly back and forth in email
  5. Ensure your tone is friendly and respectful
  6. Save time for your team