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JavaScript is a powerful and versatile scripting language used in web applications, games, asynchronous coding, and more. Students will learn how this language can enhance a web page, allowing additional interactivity and more precise control of page elements. Students will also learn how JavaScript can be used to validate web forms and how to script for the DOM in an effort to manipulate web page elements. More advanced techniques used in creating a website and making the content more dynamic will also be taught as well as how to use JavaScript in a variety of ways from building simple games to simple financial applications.

Expected Outcomes

  1. Define what JavaScript is and how to install the necessary software including Brackets
  2. Understand the fundamentals of the JavaScript language
  3. Work with control statements including loops and conditional logic
  4. Break out code into reusable functions
  5. Work with strings, numbers, dates, and times
  6. Use data structures such as arrays
  7. Learn about the DOM, DOM Scripting, and the JavaScript event model
  8. Validate data input within HTML forms using regular expressions
  9. Understand the fundamentals of object-oriented programming and how it applies to JavaScript
  10. Work with XML and JSON data using the XmlHttpRequest object
  11. Handle errors and debug JavaScript code