Progressive Web Apps - Offline first! FAST TRACK cookbook.

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Course Description


Learn how to:

  • Create the Native App UI and Add to Homescreen facility.

  • Use Service Workers, Cache API and caching strategies.

  • Use IndexedDB to store data and create template files to render data stored in the browser's own database - IndexedDB.

  • Access BackgroundSync so that form data is stored when offline and posted automatically when back online, even if the browser is closed.

  • Send Notifications using the Notifications API.

  • Send messages to and from the Service Worker and web page.

  • Access the Web Storage API

This course is DEVELOPER to DEVELOPER, with links to invaluable resources so that you can further develop your understanding of PWAs.

With the download of all lessons from the start, you will have you own PWA that you can customise. The functionality is very powerful yet the projects itself is kept basic so that you have an easy to modify boiler plate.

There is also an online version of the project so that you can see it deployed in the wild.

Expected Outcomes

  1. What is Progressive Web App
  2. Build a PWA with offline capability.
  3. Create a Native APP UI.
  4. Learn and create Service Workers.
  5. Create offline and 'instant' pages with the Cache API and IndexedDB.
  6. Learn how to save form data when offline and automatically send to the server when back online.
  7. Communication to and from Service Worker and Web Page.