Protect your Excel Files with Usage Time or by PC's

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Course Description

Excel is a great tool, and practically essential in the day to day of companies and our professional life. Now, among many tools, buttons and functions, we do not limit ourselves to always using the basic function.

Many are the talents that create sheets with combinations of formulas or Excel codes that are unique solutions worthy of being considered systems. If that is your case ... it is finally in your hands to create a time license. Protect your copyrights through licenses that are activated with online date so your users can not make fun of your systems with the local time of your PC.

★ This workshop is using advanced tools but adapted to be activated by Excel users of all levels. ★

★ Exclusive in this course: custom functions that are activated only with Macros enabled ★

Expected Outcomes

  1. Activate online date licenses, so that the file will be limited to a specific time of use.
  2. Activate expiration warning messages for your excel files, so that your client requests renewal.
  3. Create custom functions that are enabled only with Macros enabled