Proven Approach to maximize profitability in small business

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Course Description

This course is all about maximizing your business profitability through step by step structured process as proven in small, emerging organizations of different manufacturing industries.

As an entrepreneur or business head of a small, emerging organization, you may be juggling around many options to maximize your profitability, however, that may not give fruitful results all the time. The reason could be the lack of fundamentals in the business process or lack of organizational readiness for a particular initiative. This course will give you insight into the structured way of maximizing profitability and the prerequisite for each initiative in your organization.

This course is structured with basic understandings of small, merging organization context and the need for a holistic approach to maximize the profitability in any business. I have listed down six approaches to maximize profitability. Each approach is explained with examples, organizational readiness and the role of business head in driving those approaches. In each approach, I have given real case study examples that will give you the confidence to implement in your organization as well.

Also in each approach, you are encouraged to think about the gap and opportunities in your organization.

This course is very useful if you struggle to maximize the profitability irrespective of your industries or the external environment. This course is meant for Entrepreneurs, startup professionals, business heads, Plant heads of small, merging size organizations.

At the end of the course, you will be able to re-look at your organizational business processes from a different perspective, able to identify the gaps and opportunities in your organization to maximize profitability.

I am available for a 1-1 conversation with you to clarify your mind blocks, implementation aspects post your completion of the course.

Expected Outcomes

  1. You will learn the structured step by step process to maximize your business profitability
  2. You will understand the need for holistic approach to maximize profitability in a small ,emerging business
  3. You will learn the organizational capabilities for meeting customer's delivery requirements
  4. You will learn the organizational capabilities for generating order pipeline
  5. You will be able to identify the gaps and opportunities in your organizational capabilities to maximize profitability