Psychic Mediumship Development - Level 1

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Course Description

This course is a level 1 course, meant to be a beginner's introductory course into mediumship and psychic development. Although this course is designed for students who want to tap into (or refine) their psychic and mediumship abilities, level 1 is also appropriate for students who are just curious about mediumship and want to know more. This may be an introductory course, but the purpose is to build those essential foundational skills that are required to advance into making longer and more meaningful connections to spirit.

Topics for this course include: What is mediumship? Can anyone learn mediumship? Is now a good time for you to begin studying mediumship? A brief history of Spiritualism. The role of meditation in psychic/mediumship development. Opening your third eye with meditation. How to ground, cleanse and protect yourself from negative energy during psychic and mediumship work. The basics of chakras, opening and closing them, and their role in mediumship. The laws of mediumship. Setting your intention for doing the work. Making your first spirit contact. Starting or joining a development circle.

Expected Outcomes

  1. Understand what mediumship is, how to ground, cleanse and protect themselves, how to begin opening your third eye for psychic development, and clearing the chakras to begin spirit contact.