Psychic Power- Learn Psychometry Using Self Hypnosis

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Course Description

In this course titled 'Psychic Power- Learn Psychometry Using Self Hypnosis Now' By Pradeep Aggarwal , you will learn -

  • What is Psychometry?
  • Why Psychometry works?
  • Advantages of Psychometry
  • How does Psychometry works?
  • About Conscious Mind, Subconscious Mind and Super-Conscious Mind: Learn what is conscious mind, subconscious mind and super-conscious mind and how they function.
  • Myths About Hypnosis: Get rid of all your myths concerning about hypnosis.

It is ideal for people who are into spirituality, hypnotism , tarot card reading, healers , magicians and astrologers.

By the end of the course you will be more psychic and learn psychometry by moving an object using just your energy without physically touching the objects.

You will also learn more about conscious and sub conscious mind and instant relaxation and self hypnosis.

Using positive and powerful affirmations you will be able to improve and enhance your psychometry skills and psychic powers.

This course contains a lot of psychic exercises and more than 35 minutes of live video content designed over 8 lectures in English including bonus e-book.

Expected Outcomes

  1. By the end of the course you will learn what is Psychometry and how you can develop your psychometric power
  2. You will be able to develop your psychic power and relax instantly using powerful relaxation exercises
  3. There are lots of myths attached to self hypnosis.You will learn all the myths related to self hypnosis in this course
  4. You will learn more about your conscious and sub conscious mind and how to use positive affirmations to develop your psychic powers and psychometry