Psychic Protection for Beginners

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Course Description

In this course, learn the fundamentals of Psychic Protection. Learn how to clear and strengthen your energy.

There are many different reasons why someone would be drawn to a Psychic Protection course. They may feel overwhelmed by energy in their day to day life, they may not know how to maintain their centre around people. They may be a sensitive or a psychic that wants to learn how to psychically protect themselves so that they can stay open.

From this course, you will learn:

What psychic attack is, and how to heal from it

How to clear your home environments of any negative and lower energies

How to protect your home environment

How to set up and charge your home environment to only attract the most high vibes

How to work with guides, including Archangel Michael for Psychic Protection

How to set boundaries for psychic protection

About negative entities and how to deal with them

About your aura, chakras and energy system

How to strengthen your aura

How to heal your aura

How to open up and close down your energy

How to work with affirmations and the law of attraction

Psychic protection for Empaths

Psychic protection for Sensitives or Psychics

You will also learn the most important psychic protection techniques including:

- Grounding

- Buffering

- Shielding

- Cord Cutting

- Auric Strengthening

Contained in this course are all the things you will need to psychically protect yourself.

By the end of this course you will have all the tools and techniques you need to be completely psychically protected.

Expected Outcomes

  1. The fundamentals of psychic protection
  2. Techniques for psychic protection - like cord-cutting, shielding, buffering, and grounding
  3. How to heal and strengthen the aura
  4. About negative entities and how to escort them away
  5. About the aura, chakras, and energy system
  6. How to energetically clear your home environment
  7. How to set up your home environment
  8. Psychic Protection for Empaths
  9. Boundaries
  10. Law of Attraction and Psychic Protection
  11. Psychic Protection for Sensitives and Psychics
  12. About Psychic Attack and how to heal from it
  13. How to work with guides for Psychic Protection