Psychology of Financial Success: Master Personal Finance

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Course Description

Psychology of Financial Success: Master Personal Finance

Learn how to achieve financial success. Become financially stable and reach financial freedom. Master the art pf personal finance.

"I did not create this course to upload and forget. This course will consistently be updated with new lectures, articles, materials and bonus content in order to help you progress. You are not simply enrolling into a course, you are starting a journey!" - Farukh A.

Do you want to be financially successful? Are you tired of being in debt? Are you tired of not being able to afford the lifestyle you want to live? Well, if you are willing and ready to put in your time and effort into achieving real financial success then this course is for you!

Most of my students are often surprised when I tell them that financial success is not about how much you earn. Pretty shocking right? After all, you would think that the more you earn, the more stuff you can afford and the better your life would be... Not exactly!

Your financial success and your success in general rarely depends on the amount of money that you are making. This, however, does not mean that we can be careless about the money that we make or that somehow money are not important. Personal finance is an extremely important aspect of our lives. If we are careless about our personal finances, we are also careless about all the other important areas of our lives, like our relationships, our careers, our education, etc.

Mastering your personal finances is a very important step that we all have to accomplish.

But what does success mean to you? To me, success means happiness, love, fulfillment, freedom and opportunities. And every single day I meet people who are not successful, whether they are wealthy businessmen or businesswomen, or fresh college grads who are barely making their ends meet. They are not successful because they have not mastered their personal finance. They are not successful because they did not yet understand success.

So, in this course, I want to help you understand success. I want to help you master one very important aspect of our lives, our personal finance.

What will you learn?

  • Psychological basics, such as behavioral patterns, conditioning, defense mechanisms and other important concepts to help you break through the habits that currently undermine your personal financial situation;

  • Personal finance foundation: creating a smart budget and personal budgeting, creating and understanding the balance sheet and financial planning, etc.;

  • Financial terminology to help you get comfortable in the financial world;

  • Exact steps to master your personal finance - rules for earning, spending, saving, etc.;

  • Detailed layout of all the investment options to help you start building wealth whenever the time is right.

What makes this course stand out? Good question, after all, there is quite a lot of material on the internet related to personal finance and financial success. Well, there are actually several things.

First of all, this course is not a "get rich quick" scheme in any sort of way. In fact, like I have mentioned above, the amount of money that you earn or that you currently have does not determine the level of your financial success. This course is based on proven method that works. Why? Because this method involves patience, consistency, discipline and hard work. There are no shortcuts here.

Secondly, because my main specialty is in psychology, this course involves a lot of mind work. Yes, there are tons of great resources out there that teach you how to become financially successful. But how do you get yourself to start? How do you keep yourself consistent with it? The answer is deep within our minds. If we put our mind into it, we can accomplish it. And this is the goal of this course!

Finally, this course is based on my Acceptance Control Action Model (A.C.A. Model) that already helped thousands of students to achieve their goals.

So, are you ready to take control of your life and your personal finance? Are you ready to start taking responsibility for your finances? Are you ready to finally start taking steps towards building wealth and achieving that financial freedom? Well, if you are ready, let's start this journey!

Expected Outcomes

  1. Master Personal Finance
  2. Strategies to Achieve Financial Success
  3. How to Pay off Debt and Be Financially Free
  4. Personal Budgeting and Maximize Income
  5. Psychology behind Financial Success
  6. Where to Start and How to Start Building Wealth
  7. Core Concepts That Will Ensure Future Progress
  8. Real-Life Examples
  9. Financial Terminology
  10. Rules and Goals of Earning, Spending, Saving and Giving