Become A Fearless Public Speaker With My G.L.O.V.ES. Method

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Course Description

Do you find yourself worrying about whether people will listen to you, or even stay awake when you deliver a speech?

Perhaps you want to show up as you, but when you speak to an audience you become someone completely different?

Maybe you just want to be more confident speaking in front of others..

Let me introduce you to a journey on how to become a fearless confident speaker...

With this course, I will show you how to become that confident speaker that commands an audience, control your pace and masters the components of an impactful speech.

It's time to be a The Confident Speaker!

  • Learn the components of an impactful speech

  • Learn how to reduce anxiety as a speaker

  • Find your speaker style in 30 seconds flat

    ...Plus access fill in the blank templates and a FREE community to get feedback

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Expected Outcomes

  1. How to reduce public speaking anxiety (no more sweaty palms for you)
  2. How to find your speaker style within 30 seconds or less and own it powerfully
  3. How to deliver a speech which garners the attention of all learning styles, using my simple 5 step framework
  4. How to brainstorm speech ideas from scratch so you never run out of things to say