PURPOSE ... how to find your "why"

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Course Description

Is what you are thinking of doing... what you are "meant" to be doing?

Is it "right" for you, as a person, to be doing?

Purpose is a reason to do what you do and this game changer fo a course can lead you to be able to;

  • make decisions, KNOWING if it is right for you to do or not.
  • know if what you are doing right now is right for you?
  • understand yourself at a level very few people ever get to experience.
  • have a statement by which you can operate on a daily basis to keep you bang on track!

Purpose makes decision making easy because you will "JUST KNOW" if it right for you or not.

It is like having a "decision making compass" that rarely lets you down.

You will get to understand how your values AND your insecurities can BOTH be a strength in your decision making, and how the whole process can give you a level of confidence, certainty and conviction that few people ever experience.

Be warned.... the work is a bit fo a "deep dive" into yourself and some people will need help or guidance to find their way, but for those who do, the rewards are bountiful.

Expected Outcomes

  1. Make decisions quicker and more effortlessly, because they will KNOW if something is right for them to be doing or not.
  2. Make "BETTER" decisions using the purpose model.
  3. "KNOW" if something is right for them to be doing .... or not!
  4. Know if what they are currently doing is the right thing for them?
  5. Truly know what their core value are and how to use them in decision making.
  6. Truly understand their insecurities, and how you can use them as a strength in decision making.
  7. Master their insecurities and know how to stop them having a negative effect on you.
  8. Do things that are congruent with who you are!
  9. Create a simple purpose "statement" that enables you to keep on track on a day to day basis.
  10. Personal development