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Learn to develop modern graphical user interfaces in Python that have the look and feel of your native operating system, whether its Windows, MacOs, or Linux.  Learn when and how to use text boxes, comboboxes, file dialogs, date and color pickers, web page viewers, images, and more to create state of the art applications with menus, toolbars, and user size-able windows.

When your GUI is finished learn how to populate it with data from a SQL database and allow users to modify that data and save their changes in full featured applications.  Learn how to create multi-threaded applications so that data processing doesn’t interfere with the user interface.

Expected Outcomes

  1. The basics of PyQt5 to develop GUI applications in Python
  2. PyQt5 Data Types
  3. PyQt5 Widgets
  4. PyQt5 Layouts
  5. Using Qt Designer to develop user interfaces
  6. Database applications with QtSQL
  7. Multi-threaded applications with QThread
  8. Styling your application with Qt Style Sheets
  9. Much More!