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Course description:

The course covers intermediate and advanced Python programming techniques.
This means that the course is not intended for programming beginners.
However, you do not have to be a senior software engineer, you just should know about the basics in Python.


❗ Variables and primitive data types
❗ Boolean logic and conditions/comparisons 
❗ Wiriting own and using extern functions and classes
❗ Working with pip and external packages (importing)
❗ Python installed on your computer (for example with Anaconda)

The Course covers the following Topics:

☑️ Creating a Python environment tailored for the course (virtualenv or anaconda env)
☑️ Installing and setting up the most used Python IDE: Visual Studio Code (vscode)
☑️ The coding guidelines and good practice programming (PEP8)  
☑️ The usage of Pylint, Flake8, Autopep8, Black and Pydocstyle
☑️ Different docstring styles for your code (sphinx, numpy and google)
☑️ The usage of type annotations and the static type checker MyPy
☑️ The usage of debugging, profiling, execution time measuring (timing) and unit testing (TDD)
☑️ The creation of own Python packages that can be uploaded to PyPi
☑️ The creation of a modern HTML documentation with mkdocs and google docstrings 
☑️ The usage of continouos integration tools (github actions for testing and codedoc)

Step ahead in your Python career an join this course!
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Expected Outcomes

  1. The Coding guidelines and good practice programming (PEP8)
  2. Tooling with Pylint, Flake8, Autopep8, Black etc.
  3. Type Annotations and Mypy
  4. The usage of Debugging, Profiling, Timing and Unit Testing
  5. The creation of own Python packages
  6. The creation of a modern HTML documentation
  7. The usage of continouos integration tools