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This course is aimed at both complete beginners to the world of programming and to experienced programmers who are new to Python.

If you are an existing programmer who is new to Python then you may want to take the Fast Track.  In four hours, you will rattle through all the basis concepts and some advanced and build a banking application.  Add on two hours and you will add a GUI interface to your project.  Add on two more hours and you will use Matplotlib to provide a graphical interface to your data.

As an existing programmer, if you want more detail on any of the concepts in the Fast Track, then drop into the Detail Track at the appropriate point to enforce your understanding, and then come back to the Fast Track.

For complete beginners to programming, then follow the Detail Track.  This will take you step by step through Python basics, some advanced features and then you too will develop a complete GUI system.

Once you’ve completed the Detail Track, then if you want to reinforce the material you have covered, then why not use the Fast Track to revise.

Expected Outcomes

  1. Get up to speed very quickly with Python3, Tkinter Gui and Matplotlib
  2. Use the Fast Track to develop a complete Batch Processing system in just 4 hours
  3. Create a user friendly GUI for the Batch Processing system in just 2 hours
  4. Apply graphical data analysis to the Batch Processing data in just 2 hours
  5. Use the Detail Track to get in depth knowledge of Python and best practises
  6. Develop a Hospital Booking System in the Detail Track as you step through all the Python topics and functionality
  7. Use industry tools such as PyCharm IDE
  8. Use industry methods, design patterns and practices in your projects
  9. Use OOP to create a Model, View, Controller
  10. Advanced topics include: comprehensions, decorators, scientific notation, bit twiddling, base conversion