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This course is specifically designed for Qt 5 with the total beginner in mind. These videos take you from knowing nothing about QML to creating intermediate level applications using QML, JavaScript and C++. These videos build on the popular Qt Core series available on Udemy. These videos show many best practices and how to overcome common mistakes. About the author: Bryan has created  hundreds of Qt tutorials available on YouTube and has created official Qt training videos for the Qt Company. Full source code available on GitHub, and runs a Facebook community with thousands of developers that can offer free help 24×7.

Expected Outcomes

  1. QML for Qt 5
  2. QML Language
  3. Qt Quick
  4. Items
  5. Rectangles
  6. Components
  7. Anchors
  8. Positioning
  9. Transformations
  10. Basic States
  11. Layouts
  12. Columns
  13. Rows
  14. Grids
  15. Flexes
  16. Absolute Positioning
  17. Swipe View
  18. Page View
  19. List View
  20. Custom Components
  21. Properties
  22. Bindings
  23. Connections
  24. Signals and Slots
  25. Property Animations
  26. Opacity Animations
  27. Rotation Animations
  28. Scale Animations
  29. Sequential Animations
  30. Parallel Animations
  31. Qt Quick Controls
  32. Model Views and Delegates
  33. Pages
  34. Passing Properties
  35. Drag and Drop
  36. Example Applications
  37. Javascript basics
  38. Inline JavaScript
  39. Javascript bindings
  40. External Javascript
  41. C++ Integration
  42. C++ Root Context
  43. Registering C++ classes in QML
  44. Calling C++ Slots from QML Signals
  45. Calling QML Slots from C++ Signals
  46. Image viewers
  47. Text Editors
  48. Data Converters
  49. Number Generators
  50. Common issues and solutions